BOSHIN is a specialist of manufacturing and supplying wine yeast, vinegar spices, wine additives, soy sauce spices & additives.

1. Wine:

Rice Wine Flavoring KaoLiang Wine Flavoring Jasmine Wine Osmanthus Wine Whiskey Brandy
Wine HongLu Wine ShaoXing Wine Rum Sake
Fruit Wine Yeast Rice Wine Yeast KaoLiang Wine Yeast Monascus Purpureus Sake Yeast
Oak Pieces Acidifiers Food Coloring

2. Soy Sauce:

Soy Sauce Flavoring
Caramel Food Coloring

3. Vinegar:

Dark Vinegar Flavoring Rice Vinegar Flavoring Fennel Flavoring Cinnamon Flavoring Cloves Flavoring
Black Pepper Powder Black Peppercorn White Pepper Powder White Peppercorn Pepper Salt Sichuan Pepper Powder
Sichuan Pepper Slices Chili Pepper Powder Heart Shape Chili Pepper Powder Licorice Slices Licorice Powder Star Anise Cloves
Star Anise Powder Garlic Cloves Garlic Powder Onion Powder Five Spices Powder Ginger Powder
Turmeric Powder Sage Powder Wasabi Powder Mustard Powder Curry Powder Vegetarian Curry Powder
Fennel Powder Fennel Seed Cinnamon Powder Basil Leaves Basil Powder Laurel Leaves
Laurel Leaf Powder Rosemary Leaves Rosemary Powder Thyme Leaves Thyme Powder Parsley Powder
Nutmeg Powder Parsley Powder Sand Ginger Powder Cloves Powder Cinnamon Powder