We manufacture and supply powder ingredients and powder flavoring used in products that are to be consumed after mixing with hot water or becomes gelatinous after the mixture has been set. These products are made from fruit juice powders, instant coffee powder, powder milk, jelly powder, instant tea powder, powder sugar and other powder ingredients. You can make products such as mango gelatin, instant coffee with cream and sugar.


Black Currant berry Kiwi Fruit Grape White Grapefruit Orange Papaya
White Grape Apple Green Apple Dark Plum Pickle Plum Tomato
Watermelon Kumquat Lemon Cranberry Passion Fruit PineApple
Blueberry Starfruit Cherry Mulberry Grapefruit Honey Dew
Peach Mango Pear Longan Lychee Pomegranate
Raspberry Guava Jackfruit Lime Custard Apple Banana
Strawberry Perilla Asparagus Wax Gourd Fruit & Vegetable Combination Lotus Seed
Fruit Combination Honey Sugar Cane Green Tea Red Tea Oolong Tea
Jasmine Green Tea Lemon Tea Osmanthus Oolong Tea Plum Green Tea Dried Longan and Jujube Honey Lemon
Kumquat Lemon Papaya Milk Osmanthus Dark Plum Osmanthus Pickle Plum Vitamin Champagne
Soda Cola Root Beer Ice Cream Taro Red Bean
Green Bean Peanut Pudding Herb Tea Grass Jelly Lavender
Rosemary Chamomile Osmanthus Jasmine Rose Mint
Chrysanthemum Lemongrass Chocolate Vanilla Almond Coffee
Cocoa Coconut Milk Black Sugar Caramel Maple Syrup Milk
Loquat Paste Monk's Fruit Dried Longan Jujube Hawthorn Black Date
Ginseng DangKui Cloves Cinnamon ChuanXiong


Green Tea powder Coffee powder Strawberry juice powder Red Grape juice powder Blueberry juice powder Black Currant juice powder
Cranberry juice powder Raspberry juice powder Elderberry juice powder Lemon juice powder Orange juice powder Kumquat juice powder
Grape Fruit juice powder Pineapple juice powder Passion Fruit juice powder Mango juice powder Banana powder Lychee juice powder
Guava juice powder Apple juice powder Pomegranate juice powder Peach juice powder Combination Fruit juice powder Combination Fruit and Vegetable juice powder
Honey Dew juice powder Cherry juice powder Kiwi fruit juice powder Black Date juice powder Green Plum juice powder