Bo-Shin is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ingredients, flavoring, seasoning, spices and additives used in dried fruit and canned vegetable made by processed produce.


Flavoring - Liquid Flavoring
Beef Flavoring Chicken Flavoring Lamb Flavoring Pork Flavoring Ham Flavoring Bacon Flavoring
Sausage Flavoring Smoked Flavoring Shrimp Flavoring Tuna Flavoring Crab Meat Flavoring Abalone Flavoring
FIsh Flavoring Scallop Flavoring Tomato Watermelon Sugar Cane Honey
Fruit & Vegetable Combination Perilla Asparagus Wax Gourd Green Tea Red Tea
Oolong Tea Herb Tea Grass Jelly Taro Red Bean Green Bean
Powder Flavoring
Beef Essence Powder Vegetarian Beef Essence Powder Pork Essence Powder Vegetarian Pork Essence Powder Chicken Essence Powder Vegetarian Chicken Essence Powder
Seafood Essence Powder
Paste Flavoring
Beef Essence Paste Chicken Essence Paste Lamb Essence Paste Pork Essence Paste BBQ Essence Paste Bone Essence Paste
Shrimp Essence Paste


Seasoning - Powder Seasoning
Beef Soup Stock Powder Chicken Soup Stock Powder Bonito Soup Stock Powder Hot Pot Soup Stock Powder Bone Soup Stock Powder Mushroom Powder
Miso Powder Soy Sauce Powder Bonito Powder Squid Powder Kimchee Powder Shrimp Powder
Bonito Soup Stock Powder Hot Pot Soup Stock Powder
Paste Seasoning
Bone Essence Paste


Black Pepper Powder Black Peppercorn White Pepper Powder White Peppercorn Pepper Salt Sichuan Pepper Powder
Sichuan Pepper Slices Chili Pepper Powder Heart Shape Chili Pepper Powder Licorice Slices Licorice Powder Star Anise Cloves
Star Anise Powder Garlic Cloves Garlic Powder Onion Powder Five Spices Powder Ginger Powder
Turmeric Powder Sage Powder Wasabi Powder Mustard Powder Curry Powder Vegetarian Curry Powder
Fennel Powder Fennel Seed Cinnamon Powder Basil Leaves Basil Powder Laurel Leaves
Laurel Leaf Powder Rosemary Leaves Rosemary Powder Thyme Leaves Thyme Powder Parsley Powder
Nutmeg Powder Parsley Powder Sand Ginger Powder Cloves Powder Cinnamon Powder


Green Tea powder Coffee powder Strawberry juice powder Red Grape juice powder Blueberry juice powder Black Currant juice powder
Cranberry juice powder Raspberry juice powder Elderberry juice powder Lemon juice powder Orange juice powder Kumquat juice powder
Grape Fruit juice powder Pineapple juice powder Passion Fruit juice powder Mango juice powder Banana powder Lychee juice powder
Guava juice powder Apple juice powder Pomegranate juice powder Peach juice powder Combination Fruit juice powder Combination Fruit and Vegetable juice powder
Honey Dew juice powder Cherry juice powder Kiwi fruit juice powder Black Date juice powder Green Plum juice powder