BO-SHIN Flavors & Food Ingredients Ins. is not only a professional food flavours manufacturer & supplier, but also provide the best food flavors including mixed spices. There is a super professional R&D team in our company. We research and develop liquid-like, powder-like, paste and emulsion-like food flavoring to produce wine, baked foods, jelly, candy, drinks, bubble red tea, soft drinks...etc. And also we develop on industrial essences for production of soap, shampoo, cleaning supplies and so on.

We have a strong technical perfumery, spice applications, and research teams with high-precision gas chromatography, gas chromatography mass spectrometry, high-vacuum distillation unit, and other equipments for aromatic components of the extract, separation, concentration, analysis, identification and we also can customize various high-quality food spices and chemical essences in a very short period of time.

We also have super professional and technical personnel for customers to solve the problems on product manufacturing, quality control, and spices application.

BO-SHIN Flavors & Food Ingredients Ins. is very willing to work together with all trades and professions to create a better future in spices field.